When it comes to recruitment, federal contractors have strict requirements for outreach, tracking and reporting. Recruiting Machine solves this challenge.

Our applicant voluntary self ID data reporting is extremely comprehensive and flexible, allowing you to instantly generate  job-specific or applicant-specific reports on-demand.

Before you can report on anything, you need to track it. Recruiting Machine  captures the point of origin for all applicants and the required voluntary self-ID data for ethnicity, gender, veteran status and disability status. Recruiting Machine also provides an intuitive, easy way to set the correct disposition and associated reason for each applicant in an audit-friendly format so when it comes to reporting, all you need to do is click a button. All applicant information is saved and instantly accessible for the required three years.

In terms of AA and OFCCP required outreach, Recruiting Machine can not only automatically post all of your positions to the appropriate state employment services, but also to any of thousands of local and relevant CBOs (community based organizations)  through our partnership with MaxOutreach. This goes far beyond the diversity packages offered by some job boards.