SLA and IT Support

System Infrastructure and Availability

  • We run our application on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and inherit the high availability, security, and scalability that they provide.
  • Our entire application is configured to run in two redundant physical locations with automated failover.
  • Database servers or other sensitive components are run in private subnets, only accessible by our tech employees.
  • Our system availability is 99.5%, excluding any planned downtime.
  • We provide at least 1 week notice for any planned downtime and try to schedule during non-business hours.
  • We run nightly backups of our operational database and maintain multiple previous backups.

IT Support

  • We provide support via email during business hours.
  • Business hours are 5am to 5pm Pacific, excluding weekends and holidays.
  • For production down issues, we respond within 1 hour.  We will provide a resolution ETA once we determine the root cause.
  • For non-production down issues or other requests, we respond within 24 hours.
  • Respone times are during business hours and are not resolution gaurantees.  Resolution time will be based on issue and scope.

QA Testing and Application Updates

  • We run testing in an isolated development environment.
  • At client’s request, we can grant access to this enviroment for further testing or to preview upcoming changes.
  • Updates and new features are made available automatically, without any intervention needed by users.
  • Any new features or substancial changes to behavior are announced in advance.