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Anti-Discrimination Assistant

We’re pleased to announce the latest technology in Recruiting Machine: Anti-Discrimination Assistant.  When typing in most text areas in RM, if words found in our glossary of potentially discriminatory terms are used, a message will be displayed giving you a warning about those words.  Since we all need to be very careful about any discriminatory practices,… Read More »

Generate Zip Archive of Resumes

We’ve just added a feature that will let you download resumes en masse from Recruiting Machine. By clicking on any of the links that go to candidate list page, a “Generate Zip Archive of Resumes” will appear. Questions and answers: What is it? A system that gathers many resume files into a single .zip archive for easy downloading.… Read More »

Candidate Help Desk

We’re pleased to announce a new feature that is included in all Recruiting Machine plans: The Candidate Help Desk.  This feature will go live on Monday, October 27, 2014.  This system allows candidates to submit tickets (requests for help or assistance) during their application process and have those tickets be managed within Recruiting Machine.  Ticket owners… Read More »

Website Integration

It’s now easier than ever to integrate Recruiting Machine based jobs into your website.  We now have a short code snippet that any webmaster can drop into their “Career” or  “Jobs” page that will present all of your Recruiting Machine jobs as well as a search form.  You can customize it to include or exclude the… Read More »

Job Overview

We’re happy to announce a new feature in RM today, the Job Overview.  This page will show you at a glance the RM tools status, top candidates in play, candidate sources, candidate flow rate, job view rate and top sources of job views.  It’s a nice way to see how your job is doing and where focus might… Read More »

Broadbean Integration

Recruiting Machine now supports native integration with Broadbean, a Job Posting Distribution system.  Users enter their Broadbean credentials into the settings in RM and they can now click on “Post to Broadbean” to have their job ID, title, and ad copy copied over to Broadbean for easy posting.  Resulting advertisements will be created in RM… Read More »